Sound in the Silence

Sound in the Silence

MOTTE has been engaged with the principal of remembrance for several years and initiated projects of “New Forms of Remembrance”.

We’ve asked ourselves: how can history be presented in the future when there are no eyewitnesses left? How do we reach young people, for whom fascism in Europe and the Second World War seem in the distant past? How do we present the history of German National Socialism to children of migrants in Germany?
The project „Sound in the Silence“ was initiated with artist Jens Huckeriede† as a way to reach young people through the use of various artistic forms. They are emotionally moved because they are able to express themselves through music, dance, theater, and their own texts. „Sound in the Silence“ succeeds in transferring their questions about history to the present.
The historical significance of the locations is the inspiration for the students and participating artists to engage in an open-ended creative process. They could express their ideas and feelings through text, music, film, theatre and dance.

»Sound in the Silence« 2011-2016

An intercultural memorial project 2011-2013 – since 2012 in cooperation with ENRS European Network Remembrance and Solidarity. Youth exchange between German and Polish students from Hamburg and Koszalin 2011-2013. A project with artists from Koszalin and Wrocław, Poland, San Francisco and New York, USA and Hamburg, Germany.
The students worked through German and Polish history; the topics of home, expulsion, and tolerance together with artists from San Francisco, New York, Koszalin, Wrocław, and Hamburg. After the death of Jens Huckeriede in 2013 – Dan Wolf continued the project as artistic director.
With cooperation partner ENRS part four of the project continued in 2015 in Gdańsk with students and artists from Germany, Poland and Ungary. Artistic Director is Dan Wolf, San Francisco, USA.The artists worked with texts and music and utilized the various languages as an artistic medium. The artistic process was started in collaboration with the students. Utilizing individual, family histories as well as other’s biographies, an intercultural dialogue results in the past touching the present.
2016 Students from secondary schools in Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovak Republic will spend four days in Auschwitz, where they took part in workshops at Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum. The themes of the workshops were concentrated on the history of the camp, and on the resistance movement. Student learned about people who managed to escape from the camp, including August Kowalczyk, Witold Pilecki, Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler. On the last day students presented the art project in Žilina, in Stanica – a cultural center, a unique place that brings together educational and cultural events of the region.



Wolf Brothers – The Story

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