MOTTE - Medienkompetenz stärken

Media MOTTE: Creative and Interdisciplinary

From User to Producer

We want to strengthen media literacy and media Know How:
MOTTE can provide a wide variety of media experiences; continually develop new, innovative projects; as well as offer training and continuing education in media.

We offer continuous programs with regard to cultural education and promoting media literacy for children, young people, and adults.
We develop new models of cooperation with schools, libraries, museums, open-access cable channels, radio stations, and other media partners.
The MOTTE’s sound studio makes film editing, dubbing, multi-media, and sound editing possible.

Live Recording – Music – Radio Plays – DVD Production

Radio Programs – Radio Podcasts – Radio Plays

In collaboration with universities, technical schools, and the MOTTEN Show it is possible to receive instruction in the subjects of youth work, culture, and education.
MOTTE is a founding member of the Media Network Hamburg and is a member of the Society for Media Education and Communication Culture (GMK).
We have expanded the concept of media: in The MOTTE it is possible to combine work in the „new media“ with classic media such as photography and printing. Theater and music are also included in our understanding of media.
MOTTE has the best ability to take these interdisciplinary topics and put them into action. In our workshops it is possible to construct props and stage designs, create sculptures, design graphics and much more….