Sound in the Silence - Cooperation with Dan Wolf

Partnership with Dan Wolf great grand son of Wolf Brothers

Cooperation with Dan Wolf

The story of the once very popular “Gebrüder Wolf”started at the end of the 19th century in Hamburg. Hamburg´s secret anthem “An de Eck steiht´n Jung mit´n Tüdelband” also leads back to these entertainers.

In their hometown the “Gebrüder Wolf” almost sank into oblivion; this changed in 1995 when the Hamburg filmmaker Jens Huckeriede took notice of their story. In 1999 he met descendants of the family in Sweden and in California, among them also Dan Wolf, a great grandson of Leopold Wolf. Dan Wolf (*1975) lives as an actor, musician and author in San Francisco and only find out about the popularity of his ancestors in Hamburg when he met and spoke with Jens Huckeriede. At the end of 2000 he visited Hamburg and has performed a number of times since on stages in Hamburg together with his band Felonious and musicians of his generation from Hamburg. The film “Return of the Tüdelband” documents this encounter in 2000 – since then Dan Wolf works together with Jens Huckeried on new forms of remembrance. In 2006 they met the education team of Ravensbrück to create a Hiphopevent with young participants from Fürstenberg. Together with MOTTE they initiated the project “Sound in the Silence” which took place for the first in Hamburg Neuengamme in 2011. After Jens Huckeriede passed away in 2013 Dan Wolf is artistic director of “Sound in the Silence” projects.