Ravensbrück Generational Forum ­meets ­ Sound in the Silence 2018
»Silence is no longer here because of us«

Since 2005, the Ravensbrück Memorial has organised the »Ravensbrück Generational Forum« in close cooperation with the Dr Hildegard Hansche Foundation, which was initiated by a Ravensbrück survivor. This forum gives up to 50 young people the opportunity to spend four days interacting closely with survivors at the Memorial.

»Sound in the Silence« is an intercultural and interdisciplinary remembrance project that reaches young people through the use of various artistic forms, giving them a way to express their feelings on history through music, dance, theater, and their own texts. Its goal is to find new ways of looking at Europe’s history, its nations, states, regions, and building upon the past in our present lives.

The remembrance project »Sound in the Silence« and »Ravensbrück Generational Forum« were brought together by artists and the educational team of Ravensbrück memorial. The young adults met Judit Varga-Hoffmann, Emmie Arbel, Batsheva Dagan and Selma van de Perre, four women who are survivors of the camp.