MOTTE - Kultur und Bildung

Shaping new Educational Landscapes

Education is more than just School

The Department „Culture and Education” develops new cooperative partnerships with other cultural educational facilities and schools and initiates new collaborations to continually build our programs.

MOTTE’s extracurricular cultural education has advanced and satisfies the new educational policies.
In our theater, music, and media activities we work with various artistic formats such as black-light theater, audio plays, and film.
Our projects target varied age-groups and fostering creativity is at the core of all of our efforts.

Children and youths participating in the project “Ohrlotsen” are able to influence public opinion through the production of their own radio programs and podcasts.
“Blickwinkel” is an inclusion project which adresses hearing impaired children and youth.
Current project is “Geschichten stärken”. Goal is to reach young people through new media tools. During the project they will learn how to tell their own stories and to find expression through art and media.

We offer entry into new forms of remembrance through artistic methods of interacting with history. The film “Direct to Altona” recounts the history of the community through diverse biographies of residents.
“Sound in the Silence” broaches the issues of home and displacement, racism and tolerance. These topics are based upon individual and other’s biographies, family histories as well as questions for the third generation after the Second World War. In an international encounter young people grapple with these issues through dance, music, and texts. The intercultural dialogue that results from this project results in the past touching the present. Editions are developed in cooperation with ENRS-European Network Remembrance and Solidarity and Ravensbrück Memorial. Artistic director of “Sound in the Silence” is Dan Wolf.