MOTTE - Jugendbereich

„Decidedly Open“

Public Youth Work/ Youth Social Work

Our continuous programs offered by MOTTE are open for all young people from 14 years and up: voluntarily, free, and without registration.

Our regular programs for young people: Homework assistance, counseling and information for young people, games and cooking, counseling and information for young people, open assistance with applications, oldie meeting for those over 18, Workshop for girls and Altona Youth Clubs for young people with disabilities.
In cooperation with schools we support projects that assist with occupational orientation.
In addition we offer creative projects during school vacations that are often in cooperation with other institutions and supporters. For these activities we do require a small participation fee.
In the context of our work in the community we also conduct some activities in public. In the context of our international youth work we have a partner organization in France.
We work closely with facilities in the community and in Hamburg.