Silence is no longer here because of us / Ravensbrück Memorial 2018

Ravensbrück Generational Forum meets Sound in the Silence

Ravensbrück Generational Forum is a project that exists since 2005 and aims to bring together young people and survivors of the former concentration camp Ravensbrück. This year this meeting was combined with the Sound in the Silence project. 40 young people from different countries (they were taking part in two international workcamps on the memorial site) and youth from Germany (from the region of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg Vorpommern and Hamburg) had the opportunity to listen to the stories of the four survivors: Emmie Arbel, Israel; Batsheva Dagan, Israel; Selma van de Perre; U.K. and Judit Varga-Hoffmann, Hungary.
The remembrance project Sound in the Silence and Ravensbrück Generational Forum were brought together by artists and the education team of Ravensbrück memorial. The young adults worked with five international artists at the location. The artists offered workshops for creative writing, dance, theater, music/rap and sound. The whole artistic process was directed by Dan Wolf.
The survivors told their stories of persecution, forced labour and survival. Each of them invited the young adults to their workshops. Parallel five art workshops were available to the participants: creative writing, dance, theater, music and sound. Here they worked with the artists to share their experiences and feelings, to transfer their results to creative expression and to develop a performance, which took place on the grounds of the Ravensbrück memorial.

Workshops and project are supported by the expertise of the educational team of Ravensbrück memorial and the staff of the Dr. Hildegard Hansche Stiftung.
The performance took place at the outside of the location close to the Schwedter See on the 9th of August, 9.30 Ravensbrück Memorial.
The artists had special meetings for the process of transforming the remembrance work with the survivors to future projects when eyewitnesses can´t transfer their experience to adolescents anylonger – during the workshops and after the encounter in Ravensbrück during a program in Berlin 10th and 11th of August.


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Ravensbrück Generational Forum meets Sound in the Silence 2018 “Silence is no longer here because of us”

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Artistic Director: Dan Wolf, S.F. USA
Workshops directed by:
Tommy Shepherd, USA: Music, Rap
Christian W. Find, Germany: Sound-Art, Audio-Studio
Katarina Rampackova, Slovakia, Spain: Dance,
Jakub Roszkowski, Poland: Theater

»Ravensbrück Generational Forum« meets »Sound in the Silence« is a cooperative project of MOTTE, Ravensbrück Memorial Museum | Brandenburg Memorials Foundation, MOTTE-Cultural Center, Dr. Hildegard Hansche Foundation, zeitlupe | Stadt.Geschichte & Erinnerung | RAA Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V..

With support of: Dr. Hildegard Hansche Foundation; Freudenberg Foundatio;, Embassy of the United States of America, Berlin; zeitlupe | Stadt.Geschichte & Erinnerung | RAA Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V..
Support of Ravensbrücker Generations Forum:  Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future; Ministry for Education, Youth and Sport, Brandenburg

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